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The World's first innovative and revolutionary pressurized beer bong. High powered, explosive, compact, rugged, and easy to use!

Q-bong Beer Bong

Made in the USA!

World's First Pressurized Beer Bong! Simply the Best Way to Chug!

I want one!

What Our Customers are Saying


Love the Qbong - it's small but packs a big wallop! There's several advantages to using a Qbong; it not as messy & doesn't spill like a traditional funnel beer bong, it packs up small & is easier to carry, super easy to clean (hot water & soap) & can be used multiple ways!

Bruce Anderson


Bought this for my husbands annual camping trip with his friends. They had a lot of fun with it. Great product! Thanks for adding to their fun.

Nicole M. Perring


Wow! I figured this was just another beer bong - it's not. Beer surges out of this thing with unbelievable force. I'll bet a beer Elon Musk is currently evaluating this technology for his Space-X missions. Tired of taking 2, 3 or even up to 5 seconds to drink a beer? you've found the answer. ADVICE: If you plan to take your Q-Bong to a party (which you are...), get at least 2. Sorority hogged it.



Great product. I love mine. Especially when someone can't hold the flow. Great way to get drinks down quick



This q-bong is awesome and is perfect for any party. The beer goes down so fast and smooth ..I have a lot of bongs and drinking toys but this is my favorite big time

Joe M.


This thing is great. I took it to the beach and met all kinds of ladies. Thanks Q Bong!



Do NOT stand in front of someone who is trying this for their very first time. Instead, pull out your camera and get someone else to... it's hilarious!!

Mariah S.


This product is a fantastic new twist on the traditional beer bong. It certainly has a learning curve, but is fun once you get the hang of it. It works like a regular funnel, but doesn't require the user to suck in the liquid. Also, I would recommend doing it with someone else who can give you one or two pumps while chugging to help it go down at a consistent speed. Be careful with over two beers, though!