Q-bong FAQ Page

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How many beers does the Q-bong hold?

Can I pump Q-bong more than 20 times?

My Q-bong is leaking where the pump attaches. What do I do?

My pump fell off. What do I do?

My Q-bong ruptured. Can I get a replacement cube?

How many ounces does Q-bong hold?

Is Q-bong food safe?

Can I keep pumping after I open the tap?

What is the optimal number of pumps?

How do I clean my Q-bong?

How do I place an order?

Do you accept returns or refunds?

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

I would like to sell Q-bong's myself. What do I need to do?

How soon will I receive my order?

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